Using Google’s People Also Ask Section For SEO: Part 4

Create Individual Page Links For People Also Ask Topics

When you look at the People Also Ask section, you’ll notice that these are long-tail keyword phrases. You can use these as your blog titles, content, and tags to rank this question high in the SERPs.

When you do a good job creating a pillar blog post for that question, you increase your chances that Google will select your post as one answer in the People Also Ask section, allowing you to get a primary spot in the SERPs.

Sometimes, if someone is curious or new to a topic, they won’t know what question(s) to ask – or how to ask them.

The PAA section serves an audience well because it helps people guide them on what information they may want to know more about.

How To Strategically Use These Questions

You can use the questions in this section to create individual pages for your blog. You might start with your main question, “How does the keto diet work?”

But then your blog can take the following People Also Ask query of, “What is the main rule of keto?” and answer that in-depth for your audience.

Move on to each question and create a new pillar post for that query. Google will begin to recognize your site as a comprehensive resource for its users.

And each of your pillar posts using that exact People Also Ask question will become a contender for a spot in that section as a hyperlinked answer and resource.

Always Use A Summary Answer

Whenever you create a page for this purpose, start your content with a summary answer that can appear whenever a user clicks on the question.

When someone clicks on the solution, this is what they’ll see:

You’ll notice that the question is first, followed by a brief answer and the hyperlinked title of the page.

That formula allows you to receive more organic traffic being part of this section because your content is a valuable resource for readers.

Sometimes, when you click on the question, it opens up a snippet post, a numbered reply. So you can use either of those options to get your content included in the People Also Ask section.

Some experts also recommend including a FAQ schema, a markup of your code alerting Google bots on your site.

That code represents the questions and answers associated with a page’s content and jump links that take users to the necessary solutions.

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