Has Your Content Stopped Generating Leads, Sales, or Both? Continue Below If That’s Been Your Frustration.

A New Path

If you are ready to leave the average or low-budget writers behind — and I mean for good — and you are serious about generating new leads and sales for your clients and business — whether that means getting more or better content, I will help you.

I provide thoroughly researched content that’s original. That material pulls in leads to generate sales and build long-term relationships with your clients. Should your project run into multiple brick walls, changing content direction is easy to do.

For Example…

An IT company in Miami struggled to schedule their client for an interview so I could produce a case study they could use for lead generation. After several failed attempts, my client nearly gave up. To turn this around, I created a “Client Spotlight” piece they posted to their website that generated new leads for their sales team.

A landscaping client in Florida was losing business. Upon further inspection, his website was old and stale. They had Facebook followers but no blog content to share. With my proactive and ongoing posting, this small business owner experienced a 34.5% growth in untapped revenue in less than six months.

An HVAC company wanted its presence to appear in 50 Ohio cities in Google searches. Since it had four areas of expertise Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Commerical HVAC, I created 200 city location pages, 50 per section. That exposure boosted their local SEO, and each page was easily found in the 3-Pack listings.

Would quick content changes like these benefit your clients?

Suppose that describes your client’s situation or possibly yours. In that case, consider renting my writing services. I create content for marketing directors and business owners across 57 industries.

I don’t claim to be an SEO writing expert, just a writer who understands business. Though I’m behind the screen researching and writing, I’m ready to help you pivot and refresh your content project demands.

Need a resource that produces content on time?

Whether you’re pressed to have case studies, blog posts, newsletters, web pages, SEO, or a new content strategy, produced quickly, deadlines are my friends. Please contact me to discuss your writing needs and must-have dates.


To inquire about my writing packages and products, your best option is to email me at info@thepromotionalguy.com. If you need to call me, my number is (850) 459-8747. Office hours are Mon-Fri 8 am – 6 pm Eastern.