Using Google’s People Also Ask Section For SEO: Part 3

Using People Also Ask for Comprehensive Pillar Content

Whenever you want to rank for a specific keyword phrase, you should be looking at creating pillar content that is in-depth and evergreen (or updated frequently if information changes).

Pillar content is a structural piece that supports a topic thoroughly. It’s never thin content that briefly touches on a subject that allows you to bulk up a blog with quantity over quality information.

Instead, pillow posts are the length of a short report – 3,000-5,000 words or more instead of tiny 400-word articles. They can pull in other expert opinions by curating quotes, etc.

The People Also Ask section can guide you on what to put in these pillar pieces.

Here’s An Example

Let’s assume you are creating a pillar blog post about how the keto diet works. Start by using common sense to brainstorm a list of things people want to know, such as how many carbs they can have, how much weight they can lose, etc.

Then type the phrase or question into Google and begin drilling down in the People Also Ask section to branch out in as many relevant ways as possible with additional ideas.

So if one result is: How does the keto diet work for weight loss, you can click on that to expand and find more content to cover, such as:

  • Does keto melt belly fat?
  • Can you eat fruit on keto?

Click on the belly fat one, and then you might see other questions about starting a keto diet for beginners or speeding up keto fat loss.

Compile all the questions into a file and use it to cluster the topics and choose your subheadings for the blog post.

You want to use H1 and H2 tags to make these questions stand out in your content. Please don’t duplicate the same question asked in two different ways for a subheading, but merge them into one.

It might help to generate a mind map to help you group the topics and form a hierarchy of the information so that your content unfolds in a logical order of importance for the reader.

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