Using Google’s People Also Ask Section For SEO: Part 5

Other Tools That Can Mimic Google’s People Also Ask Feature

Besides the People Also Ask section, you can use other tools and sites to tap into this strategy.

For example, going on forums for your industry or niche will allow you to see threads where people ask questions they need additional information and answers.

You can find questions using keyword tools (both paid and free options). You can even begin typing in Google with a question to see what it automatically fills in.

If you begin typing in how does the keto, you’ll see auto-filled questions such as:

  • How does the keto diet work
  • How does the keto gummies work
  • How does the keto diet help you lose weight
  • How does the keto help with cholesterol
  • How does the keto affect your body
  • How does the keto help diabetes…and so on

The more you type, the more it changes the auto-filled questions you can use for your research when creating pillar blog posts for SEO and hopefully achieve a People Also Ask entry.

Answer The Public

Another free tool you can use is That is a neat tool where you enter a topic using one or two words, and it delivers results of what people are asking about it.

If you enter the phrase keto diet, for example, it returns 77 questions and indicates whether they are highly searched, average, or low searched.

A high search topic might be: are keto diet pills safe? An average searched topic might be: will the keto diet lower my A1C? And a low searched topic might be: will keto raise my triglycerides?

The outer layer of the tool has a wheel showing you the query the questions are based on, including when, will, are, why, how, which, who, what, where, and can.

So your results might be:

  • Where to eat on a keto diet
  • Who is the keto diet good for
  • Can the keto diet cause hair loss
  • What does the keto diet do to your body
  • Which keto diet plan is the best
  • How does the keto diet burn fat
  • When should you stop (or start) the keto diet
  • Why does the keto diet work…etc.

Here’s What You Do With The List Of Questions

You could see the list of questions and put them in groups such as negatives (hair loss) and health benefits (weight loss, A1C improvements, etc.).

Determine the best question for each subheading and spend time crafting a comprehensive piece worthy of a People Also Ask SERP ranking.

Remember that while the People Also Ask section can be a strategic option for your SEO efforts, it has to be combined with basic, on-page SEO.

For example, Google isn’t sending people to a page that fails to load or isn’t mobile-friendly.


Now that you have the five necessary parts for Google’s “People Also Ask” feature, what will you do moving forward?

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