Using Google’s People Also Ask Section For SEO: Part 2

Understanding Google’s Helpful Update

To leverage the People Also Ask section to your advantage, you must know Google’s intentions. The Helpful Update they launched not long ago explains everything.

Google is looking for content pages that deliver a good user experience. Should they link or prefer thin content pages with no value, people will stop using Google as their search engine, and their revenue will decline.

For instance, your blog content must be comprehensive and informative, with fresh news and information, statistics, and research analysis.

It should go beyond the most basic information and expand on ideas so that you’ve thoroughly exhausted the concept that the user will leave feeling satisfied and well-informed.

Google Is On A Mission

Google tirelessly searches for originality. Ensure you have your opinions and slants worked into your content, not just a copy and paste of the People Also Ask questions with sterile answers.

In the guide for their Helpful Update, Google states that they’re looking for content that showcases the site owner’s expertise and enthusiasm for the topic, emphasizing trust for the content.

They’re looking for bookmarkable blog posts – shareable content that impacts people. It must serve as a good resource that others want to link to because of its value.

What You Need To Know About Page Rankings

For good rankings, they want to ensure it hasn’t been “hastily produced.” You can use the People Also Ask section to craft a well-thought-out piece of content that you personalize and perfect to rank above all others.

Google specifies that the content should have a “people-first” approach (not written for search rankings). If you do it right, you’ll kill two birds with one stone, appeasing humans and search bots alike.

The main thing People Also Ask does is help you meet the approval of Google based on their updates. Furthermore, it allows you to understand what your readers want to know so you can meet those needs.

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