Using Google’s People Also Ask Section For SEO: Part 1

Any time you aim to rank a website in the SERPs (search engine results pages) to enjoy increased organic traffic, you want to employ a well-rounded strategy.

Often many webmasters limit themselves to basic search engine optimization (SEO) techniques they can implement quickly. For example, the basic things like using keywords in your title, creating meta-descriptions, using a site map, etc.

Along with trying to ensure their users get the best experience possible, you must also be more strategic about ranking your website in Google and other search engines.

The search engine results pages not only deliver information for the exact query the person typed in. It also provides additional ideas of what people may be interested in asking or knowing.

Google does this in a section called People Also Ask. Over the next five days, you will discover what it is and how to use the information to help you rank for the search query you typed in and related ones.

What Is Google’s People Also Ask Section?

People Also Ask is a feature on the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) that appears as an extension of ideas whenever someone queries. That list of related questions helps people understand a topic more thoroughly.

In a product launch, people add things to the upsells. At a grocery store, you’ll see shelves of last-minute items to add to your cart right around the checkout area.

At a fast food restaurant, they always try to add on an apple pie or a drink. With a search engine, they make you stick around and use (and rely on) their site and how they earn ad revenue.

So Google’s “add-on” is specific information such as additional questions or “Would you also like to know this?” It also helps users have a more positive experience, which is vital to Google, and it’s become a top priority for them, as we’ll discuss later.

Where Is The People Also Ask Section?

To find the People Also Ask section and use it to enhance your SEO efforts, you’ll go to Google and type in a search query. Scroll down the page, and you’ll find the People Also Ask section, which will be below the Ads and Featured Snippets.

For each question listed in the People Also Ask section, you can click on the question to see an answer and a hyperlink for where they can find more on that answer. Furthermore, the system will automatically add more People Also Ask questions below.

So if it initially shows you four questions, and you click on one to expand the answer, a few more will pop up below in the list. It will continue drilling down for you as you click on more questions.

Here’s an example of a People Also Ask section and the questions it returns when you ask, “How does the keto diet work?”

To give you an idea, this is what starts happening with the results. As a business owner and industry leader, Google gives you a roadmap about what your readers want to know.

With all of the statistical data about search results Google has, they’re literally handing you the information they’ve obtained for free. What you do with it from that point on is up to you, and SEO is one of the best uses for this information.

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