Email Gives You a One-on-One Connection

Building an email list and using email marketing provide many advantages over other types of online marketing.

One of those advantages is that it allows you to develop a one-on-one connection with your customers.

It also allows your customers to connect with you one-on-one, too, and that’s something that no other form of online marketing will allow.

What’s The Difference?

Those other forms of marketing are focused on talking to the customer, with very little or no return conversation.

Simply put, there’s no back and forth, and if the customer has a question about an ad or wants to learn more.

They often have to move from the search engine or social media platform to your blog or website. Next, they’ll search for your contact information and email you their issue.

It Sounds Like a Lot Of Work

That’s because it is. And frankly, most customers won’t go to all that trouble to have a question answered. They’ll forget about it and move on to something else, maybe even one of your competitors.

But email marketing opens up that door for you and them to have two-way communication. If you send out an email blast and a customer has a question about it, all they have to do is email you back.

It’s as easy for them as hitting the “Reply” button, and they’ll feel better about it because it will be within the privacy of an email.

And when customers feel better about something and get the answers to their questions quickly and easily, they’re much more likely to buy from you because loyalty and trust have already been established.

They’ll appreciate that you took the time to answer their question and feel the business cares about them. And that will make them care more about your company.

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