Case Study: The Lazy Side Of Marketing!

Out of respect for this company, we will not reveal the business’s name or the industry they serve.

It began in 2019. We received a call from a desperate small business owner wanting to generate more business.

Over the years, fewer and fewer customers called for this business’s services, and they decided it was time to ramp up their marketing.

The owner was friendly yet fell behind with their online presence, and the last time their website was updated was in 2016.

Their new goal was to find a way to generate 20-30% more business and sign new customers up for weekly services.

After our marketing audit, we recommended updating their site, creating informative content, and sharing it with their followers.

We also advised the owner they should begin seeing an increase in revenue and sales within 4-6 months.

From Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde

Six months into our contract, we received a call from the client, angry with our process and company.

Instead of slow growth, our marketing process generated more business than this business owner could handle.

Instead of a 20-30% increase, this company experienced a 42% increase in new business and weekly service contracts.

The biggest complaint was they were turning work away because they didn’t have the staffing to sustain the growth.

Please note we did not use any online advertising, i.e., PPC, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etcetera.

The only thing we did was create blog posts and post snippets to the client’s social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram.

As a result, this decision-maker fired our content marketing firm for helping them generate too much business too quickly.

Not Our First Rodeo!

Over the years, it has been far too familiar that a business wants to generate more revenue quickly.

Yet panic sets in when it genuinely arrives, and the outcome is more profitable than promised or expected.

The #1 mistake we’ve seen consistently is companies only wanting to market their products and services merely to get by.

Once they’ve reached their goal, they shut down any marketing efforts that boosted their business.

Sadly, it’s just another example of the lazy side of marketing.

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