A Buyer Trait Exposed!

Whenever you speak with anyone in marketing, all want you to try their flavor of the week approach to generating leads.

And there’s nothing wrong with using a technique or tool that is proven to work, and you gain a new or repeat customer.

However, if you asked that same individual what or how a customer buys, each will provide a generic answer based on their research.

And there’s nothing wrong with using the latest statics, fact findings, analysis, or industry studies to market to your target audience.

But if you genuinely want to understand your buyer, it’s never about what marketers want you to believe or the data we have.

In fact, it’s very rudimentary, and what you are about to read is not only about your customer but refers to you too.

Every Person Is A…

From the time you were born until your final breath, you have been continually conditioned to live, breathe, and buy as a consumer.

It doesn’t matter if you live paycheck to paycheck or earn 6, 7, or 8 figures a year.

You can be a billionaire or a minimum-wage earner; no one can or will escape this conditioning.

Individuals and corporations all budget themselves the same way, “I can spend this much, and if I can get more for less, I want to know more.”

Here’s How It Began

As a child, you were first introduced to countless products when regularly taken to the store.

Your parents, grandparents, or guardians would slowly stroll through the aisles looking for the best products at the lowest prices.

You were often exposed to coupons, comparison pricing, and getting more for less when possible.

As you grew and started to buy items, your buying habits followed the example of those you watched over the years.

By the time you reached adulthood, it was like second nature to compare prices and look for bargains.

Why Knowing This Matters

It’s easier to sell more of your products and services when you package them as consumers instinctively see them.

For instance, there is a greater likelihood that you’ll sell more when you offer three options rather than one or two.

  • Gold, Silver, or Bronze Membership
  • $50, $100, or $300
  • Basic, Standard, or Premium

The best part about this strategy is that you never need to pressure your customers into buying.

They will buy based on what they see as the better offer for them and keeps them from overpaying.

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