9 Hidden Gems For Your Company Blog – Gem #6

In our last post, we discussed creating an ongoing series of blog posts, so today, let’s expand into a different content slant you can tap into.

Key Points:

  • Underserved Blog Subtopics Within Your Industry

  • Where Should You Look?

  • Consider Asking AI

  • Cross Industry Topics

Underserved Blog Subtopics Within Your Industry

Another way to set yourself apart in blogging is to examine things people are not addressing within your industry and examine them in depth.

Sometimes, topics like this are briefly mentioned within another topic, but they are never explored to the point where they satisfy the target audience’s needs.

If it’s only being covered superficially, but there is more demand for that information, this will help your blog become known as a more thorough resource.

Where Should You Look?

The Promotional Guy recommends watching for comments online, on social media, and in forums and blogs to see what information readers struggle to find answers to.

For example, if there are follow-up questions in the comments, that’s a good sign that the original blogger has not covered it well and has not considered its significance to discuss it.

You can take those frequently ignored topics and write about them with more clarity and insight, and even find other industry professionals to interview to get a well-rounded approach to your piece.

For example, if you are in the debt and credit industry, you might find that most bloggers focus on strategies to pay off what they owe instead of additional ways to technically get your credit score up.

Consider Asking AI

You can use artificial intelligence tools to conduct a content gap analysis with some of your top competitors to find out what is being ignored that your readership may appreciate.

When you ask AI for some underserved subtopics within that niche, it might tell you to focus on writing a blog post about the psychological barriers people have when saving money.

This may include things like emotional triggers or cognitive biases that sabotage them whenever they are trying to make a financial decision or the poor spending habits they have that are tied to some trauma.

Cross Industry Topics

Another way to leverage underserved topics on your blog is to think about cross-industries that tie nicely to your main niche topic. These things pair well together and may indirectly affect your audience, and most competitors overlook the connection.

For example, if you have a blog that teaches stress relief tips, you can pull in many different cross niches that affect stress. These may include sleep hygiene, relationships, careers, finances, and other niches.

This can inject a fresh perspective on your original niche topic and open the doors for more collaborations with other experts, which means a higher readership for you and, ultimately, more sales.

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