9 Hidden Gems For Your Company Blog – Gem #4

We’ve revealed Immersive content, Hyper-Personalized content, and All-Encompassing Media content. Now, let’s get others involved.

Key Points:

  • Content Collaborations with Experts and Blog Readers

  • What Are Expert Co-Authors?

  • Who Should You Select?

  • How To Flip The Switch?

Content Collaborations with Experts and Blog Readers

You are the primary voice of your company blog, and readers will grow to appreciate everything you have to share. But that doesn’t mean you should be the only voice you present to your readers.

Most leading experts in any industry frequently collaborate with other authority figures to share a broader range of ideas with their audience.

Furthermore, you can collaborate with other experts to co-author a blog on an important topic and involve your readers as additional co-authors.

What Are Expert Co-Authors?

Expert co-authors would be fellow influencers in your industry, people with expertise in whatever subject matter you are blogging about, and competitors using their blogs to discuss similar topics.

Whenever you co-author a blog, you can be sure that the other expert will share the published content with their audience on social media, via e-mail to their subscribers, and on their blog.

This gives you a wider reach and allows you to showcase your expertise to people who may not have heard of you before but who trust the other individual implicitly. This benefits the other experts because you are doing the same for them.

Who Should You Select?

You first want to identify the best people willing to share their expertise and who have a good reputation in your industry. Never align yourself with anyone who may be viewed in a negative light.

When you find someone reputable to co-author a blog with you, develop an effective strategy where you can coordinate the brainstorming process for the topic and plan how you will collaborate to develop the content together.

Then, reach out to that individual with a personalized message that includes what you hope to achieve with the collaborative blog post, how it may work, and the benefits they will enjoy from the project.

You can also turn this into a guest blogging experience where each of you takes over the other person’s blog for a day and publishes their content with a backlink to your blog. Instead of co-authoring one piece, you will write your content but share it with each other’s audience.

How To Flip The Switch?

As we mentioned, you can also get your audience involved as co-authors for your blog. If you have someone active in your blog community commenting and sharing good advice, invite them as a co-author to help shape a specific piece you have coming up soon.

This is something they will feel proud to undertake, and it shows that you are willing to listen to those in your community and allow them to participate in the discussion directly rather than having to sit on the sidelines and listen to what you have to say.

You can also ask for reader submissions. If you have a thriving blog and need a break from content creation, you can invite your blog readers to submit their blog posts to publish on your site, as long as you accept the work and credit them for being the author.

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