9 Hidden Gems For Your Company Blog – Gem #3

With two gems under your belt, it’s time we take it up a notch and continue with our next topic.

Key Points:

  • All-Encompassing Media Posts

  • What Media Types To Consider

  • A Word About Video

  • Polish Your Video First

  • What To Know About Audio

All-Encompassing Media Posts

If you visit many industry blogs online, you’ll discover most prefer text. One of the main reasons is the lack of understanding of how to incorporate various media formats into their content. As a result, this limits your readership to those who enjoy consuming written insight.

Companies who employ multimedia formats in each blog post reap the rewards of increased readership because they provide content that addresses the personal consumption preferences of every visitor.

You don’t have to have the entire content in all media formats. But if you can break up large blocks of text that make their eyes glaze over with different media formats, it helps them absorb and retain the information better.

What Media Types To Consider

You might consider using data-driven content. Visual elements such as infographics, quote posters, charts, graphs, and other information your reader can absorb at a glance.

You can find pictures on stock photo sites, take pictures, create graphics using tools like Canva, and even ask artificial intelligence (AI) tools to create graphs and charts that easily display information, eliminating extended text.

Visual tools like this will help your readers understand the information you give them in paragraph form and help move them through your blog post to the next section quickly.

Whenever you use graphics, make sure you caption the image and use alt tags for better optimization of search engines. You can also have text overlays on the image if applicable.

A Word About Video

The use of videos is very beneficial to your company’s content. You can summarize a text-based blog post in a video presentation using screen capture recording software like Camtasia for things you want to show (like how to build a blog) or using slideshow presentations you record.

There are also AI tools that can create various kinds of videos that you can embed into your blog. These might include talking head videos made with an AI character resembling a human or an animated explainer video that delivers more complex information succinctly and entertainingly.

You may also have a split-screen recording where you are interviewing another expert, and you can embed that video in the middle or somewhere in your blog post to support or show a different viewpoint of the topic you are discussing.

This is a great way to keep people from bouncing away from your site. If they are reading a blog post about how to cook a healthy meal, for example, and you have a video that shows them the process, it fortifies their reason for being and staying on your domain longer.

Polish Your Video First

Before using any video, polish it perfectly, just like when editing your text blog post. You don’t want grammatical errors, spelling issues, or typos in text.

Likewise, you don’t want annoying background noise or delays with video. You want to have good lighting and elevate your production so that people enjoy this format as much as they would others.

By having a multimedia approach on your blog, you can enrich the experience your visitors have whenever they consume the content you publish for them.

What To Know About Audio

You can also embed audio on your blog. Your reader can click play and listen to the entire blog transcript, or you might embed something to supplement your blog content, such as an interview or podcast episode related to the main topic.

As you would do with text and video, you want to use audio editing software to produce good sound content. You want suitable recording devices to support you in this effort.

Not only does using a multimedia approach appeal to your visitors because they can understand the information better, but it also addresses an accessibility problem for many individuals who rely on sound as a training method.

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