9 Hidden Gems For Your Company Blog – Gem #2

Now that you’ve digested our first hidden gem, are you ready to examine the next one? If so, continue reading below.

Key Points:

  • Hyper-Personalized Content

  • The Reality of Your Readers

  • Tell a Tale of Woe That Forced You To Push On

  • Include These Four Parts

Hyper-Personalized Content

Another hidden gem to use in your company blog is extremely personalized content, often absent in many industry leaders’ posts. Instead of sharing success stories and experiences, reveal the facts about a topic that’s affected you negatively.

Sharing a disappointing story helps build a natural rapport with your readers. It ultimately helps them trust you enough to take your advice and purchase your products or services.

For instance, our company owner experienced a great loss back in 2004 when three massive Category 5 and 4 hurricanes ripped through his town and the destruction was so vast they lost their home and business, and no one in the industry would help him.

You must be transparent and vulnerable with your audience. Sharing your struggles helps your readers feel as if they are not alone. It helps when you have experienced some success and can show your tumultuous journey to get there.

The Reality of Your Readers

In any industry, such as weight loss, making money online, relationships, parenting, and more, people typically don’t want to learn from someone with an easy or perfect experience right out of the gate.

Projecting information this way makes them feel stupid or as if they should be doing something better rather than feeling motivated. You want them to see that if you can do it and get past those obstacles, they can, too.

Many business owners make it a point not to talk about their struggles or failures because they want everyone to view them as successful. But part of that success is being transparent about how you got there.

Tell a Tale of Woe That Forced You To Push On

Whenever you blog about a topic, please find a way to weave in your journey and highlight the downsides and challenges you encountered and how you overcame them to emerge better.

It helps your audience know what to expect as they go through the same things. That includes understanding what milestones they will face and the setbacks they need to be aware of moving forward.

You don’t always need to position yourself as a flawless person. It helps your readers see how you handled any obstacles and what mindset and decision-making process you used to push through.

Include These Four Parts

Hardship lessons are often withheld whenever industry leaders teach others how to accomplish a goal. Your readers need simple steps, facts, transparency, and raw emotion that demonstrate the hard work, uncertainty, and self-doubt that goes with it.

When you share stories like this, don’t be afraid to write in your style and use emotional verbiage that helps paint a picture of how it was. You can talk about your dark days going through something and then end on a positive note.

It’s okay even to admit that you made mistakes. Most leaders do. However, most also cover up the fact that they may have been misguided initially. It’s even okay to admit that you were once wrong when teaching an industry topic in your early days.

As long as you can give them practical advice based on your missteps and share the lessons you have learned, they will view your honesty and transparency as something they can appreciate and embrace.

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