9 Hidden Gems For Your Company Blog – Gem #1

Key Points:

  • Immersive Content for the Reader

  • Types of Challenge Examples

  • Introduce Polls or Surveys

  • Create a Quiz

  • Gamify Your Content

Suppose you’re attempting to be a leader in your industry. In that case, stop following the same stale advice about focusing solely on search engine optimization. Rankings will only get you so far in your leadership journey.

Once someone sees your link and clicks through, the content they land on must dramatically impact them. Your goal with your company blog is to generate traffic and sales and build a rabid readership that’s chomping at the bit for your next post.

To achieve this goal, you must take a step back and explore innovative approaches to content development for your blog that you may have ignored because you were too busy churning out keyword-laden content solely for SEO.

We have nine hidden gems you can adopt immediately for your company blog content strategy that presents something new and exciting to your readers they won’t find elsewhere.

You can still embrace the premise of optimizing your content for search engines. However, you will now go beyond merely finding a high-volume, low-competition phrase and writing about it to a specific density level you have not considered in the past.

Immersive Content for the Reader

One of the best ways to pull your visitors into your company blog content is to make it an interactive experience. You can do this in several ways, but the basic premise is to have them take action instead of being passive bystanders reading facts.

For example, you can create challenges for your blog readers. You can do this in any industry. You could have a relationship-building challenge, a gardening challenge, a money-making challenge, and so on.

Types of Challenge Examples

Your blog content will guide your reader in their quest to achieve a goal. It’s best if these are small, actionable steps rather than a massive end goal—for example, a challenge to launch an info product rather than a challenge to earn six figures.

Or a challenge to do random acts of kindness for your significant other one day rather than an entire challenge to repair everything wrong with the relationship. A gardening challenge might be to get a seasonal container plant going rather than “grow a garden” in a broad way.

Blog readers will love checking in daily (or weekly) for the next challenge step, following along and implementing it before reporting back and enjoying the camaraderie of others in the challenge.

Introduce Polls or Surveys

You can also present polls or surveys to your company blog readers. Accompany this with valuable information. Don’t just have a survey waiting for them.

Give two sides of an issue and inform them to the best of your abilities before requesting that they chime in with their thoughts, opinions, and choices.

Create a Quiz

You can even create a quiz they will take, helping them sort through their issues by guiding them in a specific direction based on their answers.

It’s like a “choose your adventure” piece of content about your industry topic. You’ve likely seen those graphs where an initial question gets asked, and they will go in different directions, depending on whether they answer yes or no.

You can create blog content like this: having them skip to a different section or have them tally up their responses and give them an answer at the end like, “If you chose more As than Bs, then you’ll want to do this…”

Gamify Your Content

Some industry bloggers even gamify their blog content. So, readers enjoy a points system where they earn points for completing specific tasks that the blogger presents. You can have gifts at every level, such as free reports, checklists, and cheat sheets they can “unlock” once they accomplish something.

That type of content is not restrictive and can be weekly, monthly, or periodically. You can even have themes related to your industry. You’ll want to give people specific tutorials and instructions for this interactive content and share your results as they follow along with you.

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