5-Day Content Creation Acceleration Plan: Day 3

Now it’s time we reveal a little content secret many industries are using that most are unaware of. It is another content strategy we believe you should know more about and use it to help promote your products and services.

Key Points:

  • Using PLR for Fast-Tracked Content Needs

  • How To Use PLR

  • PLR Content Design

  • Specialize PLR Content

Day 3: Using PLR for Fast-Tracked Content Needs

Faster than using artificial intelligence tools is purchasing private label rights (PLR) content and having the pre-made material ready to publish instantly, as we do for our clients.

You find the content you need and pay for it, download it to your computer, and publish it within minutes. This process avoids using AI prompts and reviews.

This resource works best if you have a few good creators you buy from. Private label rights come in all types of quality, and some people are ethical, yet others will steal or sell subpar content to you.

How To Use PLR

When you’re looking for PLR, this is content you have the right to customize and tailor however you want. This works very well with artificial intelligence tools.

You can plug the PLR content into something you’re using, like ChatGPT, Gemini, or Copilot, and ask it to rewrite the material to make it unique for your company.

Or, you can purchase a bundle of private label rights blog content and have it optimized for a particular keyword or altered for a specific target audience you are catering to. It can even change the slants slightly.

PLR Content Design

Good PLR content is written in a way that does not have anyone else’s personalization woven into it. That means you can include your own experiences and stories in the content.

So, if you purchased a lead magnet content piece that taught people how to launch their blog, you could leave the bones of the piece intact and then add any personalization to it.

That lets your readers know you are sharing your process with them and your experiences, such as obstacles and how you overcame them.

PLR Brand Options

This type of content means you can publish it immediately to increase your company’s brand.

It also allows you to bypass the brainstorming, research and outlining the process and rewrite the content line by line faster than going through the entire process.

When looking for private label rights content, you can purchase blog posts, emails, lead magnets, info products, and social media posts.

Specialize PLR Content

You may find that some sellers specialize in specific industry topics or media formats, and you can have those bookmarked and get signed up to their email list so that you are notified whenever they have fresh content available at a discount.

Another thing specialized PLR helps with is extending your content volume. For example, if you want to create a 2500-word pillar blog post but you can’t get past writing 750 words.

That’s where specialized PLR content allows you to increase the word count, provide needed examples, insert multiple bullet points, and produce a content piece your readers expect from you.

When you are ready for us to write your company’s blog content, contact us and schedule a free content consultation.