5-Day Content Creation Acceleration Plan: Day 2

We’ve already discussed how artificial intelligence tools can help with brainstorming and research. Still, you can go one step further in delivering super fast outlines and full content you barely have to tweak when you know how to prompt AI correctly.

Key Points:

  • Tap Into AI for Quick Outlines and Content

  • Prompting AI

  • Prompt Process Example

  • Prompting Genuine Content Output

Day 2: Tap Into AI for Quick Outlines and Content

The most common dilemma is content preparation. Business owners who do this themselves take quite a bit of time to sit there and expand their brainstorming of the simple idea into a complete outline of topics.

Furthermore, they have to organize them logically and, from there, figure out what needs to go in each chapter or section so that they can write the content from start to finish.

On day 2, you want to set up an AI system for outlining and content creation that quickly takes those ideas and your research and plugs them in, along with a prompt that will give you what you need much faster.

Prompting AI

You can prompt AI tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, or Copilot to quickly generate an outline based on the idea you give it and your intended target audience and goal.

Then, once you see if the initial outline is acceptable, you can have it expand into more detail before you take it yourself and write it, or go section by section to have AI do it for you.

Prompt Process Example

A simple prompt process for outlining might look something like this:

“I need a content outline I can use to create a [purposes, like a blog or lead magnet] for a target audience of [demographic]. The topic is [give idea you brainstormed], and I have some specific details I want to use below [highlights of research]. Give me an outline in logical order.”

Then, after you tweak or approve it, prompt it like this: “Expand on the outline for [chapter or section] in detail.” This gives you more insight into what will be covered. Again, skim through and make sure nothing needs to be eliminated or included.

Prompting Content Output

Finally, you can start prompting for the actual content output like this: “Write the section pasted below in depth with a [description – motivating, professional, etc.] tone and style.”

Even if you want to write it yourself, AI can give you an excellent draft to work from that will guide you in what needs to be covered (and how) to cut down on the time you spend trying to develop it from scratch.

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