Day 17 – Create a New Blog Post – 15 More Ideas

Day 17 of your 30-day digital marketing plan, it’s time to implement additional hands-on training. Return to Day 7 for detailed instructions on creating and publishing a blog post for your company website. This exercise, as we’ve mentioned before, is a great way to get your staff involved, and there is an excellent possibility you have a writer in your employ who could easily write for your company blog.

15 More Blog Post Ideas

Here is a list of 15 ideas and topics for new blog posts:

  1. Local Heroes: Spotlight individuals in the community who are making a difference, whether through charity, innovation, or other means.
  2. Business Book Recommendations: Share books that have influenced your business practices or industry insights.
  3. Local Suppliers: Write about local suppliers or artisans you collaborate with, emphasizing the importance of supporting locals.
  4. The Science Behind…: Depending on your business, delve into the science or mechanics behind a product or service you offer.
  5. Local Business Challenges: Discuss challenges unique to your locality and how your business navigates them.
  6. Eco-Friendly Initiatives: Share ways your business is reducing its carbon footprint or promoting sustainability.
  7. The Future of [Industry]: Speculate or share insights about where your industry is headed in the next 5-10 years.
  8. Local Business Awards: Introduce or recap local business awards, even if you’re only a nominee or an attendee.
  9. Networking Events: Share experiences or learnings from local business networking events.
  10. The Role of Technology: Discuss how technology shapes or changes your business or industry.
  11. Local Educational Initiatives: Share any workshops, classes, or seminars you’re hosting or attending.
  12. Cultural Insights: Discuss local traditions, festivals, or cultural events and how they intersect with your business.
  13. Business Growth Strategies: Share strategies you’ve implemented to grow your business locally.
  14. Local Travel Tips: Even if you’re not in the travel industry, offer recommendations for visitors to your area.
  15. The Importance of Reviews: Discuss the impact of online reviews on local businesses and encourage satisfied customers to share their experiences.

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