Build an Email List and Own Your Marketing

There are many ways to market your business online, with paid advertising on search engines and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook being just two of the most popular.

But there’s a problem with these types of marketing, which you won’t face when you decide to build an email list instead.

That problem is that when advertising on search engines and social media, the business owner doesn’t own those platforms.

Problems Not Owning The Platform

When you don’t own the platform you’re marketing on, you may not always have access to it. And you certainly have limited control over it.

Those other platforms will tell you what you can write, what you can advertise, and how you can do it. And, if they were to shut down tomorrow, there would be very little recourse a business owner would have.

In fact, they don’t even have to shut down to take away your control. All they have to do is change their privacy or user settings. That could be enough to hamper your marketing efforts drastically.

An Email Marketing Solution

But that’s not how it is with email marketing. While you may not own your own server with your own email service on it (although many business owners do), there’s a much better chance that it will be there the next time you log on.

And email services, for the most part, aren’t interested in what you’re emailing your customers.

So you can heavily promote your company, send multiple emails within a week (although be careful, you don’t want to get marked as spam by customers, either), and know that every time you open up your email, it’s going to be ready to perform for you.

That means you can be there to give your customers what they want when they want it.

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