When You Have Permission, You Have Power

You’ve likely heard people complain about how much advertising is directed to them daily. Whether in your personal life or business, people don’t like to be surrounded by marketing all the time.

That’s not to say they don’t like to hear about deals and promotions, just that they don’t want to listen to it all the time. And unfortunately, when they go online, there’s no escape. It’s everywhere.

You Have Another Option

When you choose email marketing, you remove that obstacle and get an audience that’s much more willing to listen to your message.

This is because customers need to opt-in to email marketing. They need to sign up for it on your website or sign up for it while they are in the store.

By doing so, they’re permitting you to send them emails and marketing material.

They’re telling you that they want to hear what you have to say and want to know what’s going on in your business. They’re giving you permission. And that’s powerful.

Why Does That Permission Hold So Much Power?

Unlike those ads the customer scrolls past in the search engines and social media platforms, they will open that email. And they’re going to read it!

Unlike all other advertising they ignore, they’ll be open to it. That’s great news for business owners that are never sure whether or not their marketing message is getting through.

With email marketing, that message is definitely hitting home; when it does, they’ll feel good about it. And there’s a good chance that your bottom line will improve because of it.

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