9 Hidden Gems For Your Company Blog – Gem #9

With eight hidden gems in your possession that you can use right now in your company blog, we have saved the best for last.

Key Points:

  • Industry Secrets and Behind-the-Scenes Blog Content

  • Warnings Draw Immediate Attention

  • Revealing Hidden Gems

Industry Secrets and Behind-the-Scenes Blog Content

Lastly, pay attention to regular industry news you can share and offer behind-the-scenes looks at what is happening.

Readers want to feel they’re being given an exclusive peek into your industry. These might be things they didn’t know, liked, or needed to learn.

They’re not actively looking for it, in other words – because they’re blind to it. Only an industry expert like yourself would have that knowledge.

Warnings Draw Immediate Attention

You can expose shady behaviors, too. If something is happening in your industry that you feel will exploit your readers, warn them about it. This will help them build trust in you.

For example, if you’re in the automotive industry and know of a scammy practice where someone is selling car parts and not providing a warranty after the sale.

You must address that problem without naming names and discussing how your readers should protect themselves from this practice.

Revealing Hidden Gems

It’s not always something negative, either. It can be exciting news that will help people or a little-known strategy that experts always wield but most don’t know about—for instance, a behind-the-scenes sneak peek.

You can show how things unfold in a way that differs from what’s typically taught publicly. That might be standard networking that takes place, tools that are used, or something else.

For instance, you’ll never be stuck sharing basic industry facts and information with your blog readers as you once did. Now that you are armed with The Promotional Guy’s nine hidden gems, your content becomes exciting for your loyal readers.

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