8 Steps to Audit Your Online Business for Increased Profits: Step 1

Whether you’ve only been in business for a year or less – or you’re a seasoned marketer who has been in the industry for over a decade, as an entrepreneur, self-audits should be a mandatory part of your business plan.

All top companies have various auditing measures in place, and being a solo marketer doesn’t void you from that practice. In fact, it’s even more crucial for you to audit your business because there’s no team to notify you when something is heading in the wrong direction.

Auditing an online or offline business is a task you need to do periodically, whether quarterly or a couple of times per year. It’s a way to ensure you not only don’t lose ground against competitors but that you have a shot at taking your business and brand to the next level of success.

You may currently feel as if your business is running just fine. But if you knew it could bring in double the money, would you rest on your laurels and remain stagnant – or go for the next earnings tier?

You don’t want to be held back from a lack of insight about what you could do better. For the next five days, you will be presented with an 8-step audit process to help prevent future losses and ensure your income continues growing.

Step 1: See If Your Platforms and Page Builders Are Outdated or Underperforming

Depending on how long ago you started your business, you may or may not be giving off the best vibe on your website, and hence the quality of your products or your guidance as a niche expert appear outdated.

People want to know that when they visit a website, they see something current, up-to-date, and technologically advanced. You might still be using a platform or page builder that doesn’t appear well for your site visitors.

Even if you are using WordPress and continually updating to the latest version, you might be displaying a theme that appears to be tired and worn out.

Not only does the display of your page matter in terms of profitability, but it could impede your site’s performance. You might have difficulty displaying it for mobile users, your pages might lag in how fast they load, and if you aren’t careful about maintaining your website correctly, it could even make it look insecure.

Regarding platforms, such as those you are using to sell your products, you want to leverage something that is current and provides consumers with a good experience.

You need to periodically audit how your website shows up for consumers and how it performs from a technical and navigational standpoint. Be sure to research the latest page builders and platforms to see if there is new technology or new products with a cutting-edge, sleek style that would impress your visitors.

You don’t want to stay stuck in the past, with an outdated design and poor performance, when all of your competitors have moved on and are up to date with current tools that deliver a better experience for their customers.

Some tools can show you exactly how fast your site loads, where problems lie, and how to fix them for better performance. You can even check your site’s security to ensure it protects your domain and your visitors.

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