5-Day Content Creation Acceleration Plan: Day 5

As we wrap up this series, remember that content usually begins with one format with one purpose. But from there, you have dozens of options on what it can be used for, which shaves a lot of time off your publishing process.

Key Points:

  • Fast Shortcuts with Content Formats and Repurposing

  • Transform Your Content

  • Repurposing Content

Day 5: Fast Shortcuts with Content Formats and Repurposing

Your goal is speed and maximizing your efforts to be more efficient. Content can also be transformed from something meant for one demographic to another. An example of this might be a weight loss article for post-pregnancy versus one for post-menopausal women.

Today, make a plan to turn your initial content pieces into different uses, such as blog posts into emails or social media content or a series of posts into a lead magnet or info product.

Likewise, you can take longer pieces and break them into shorter ones. Be systematic about it. Have folders and a spreadsheet to log how you’ve used a piece.

Transform Your Content

Set up a system where, each time you start with one media format, you transform it into other ones. It doesn’t matter what you start with. Track what you’ve turned it into.

For example, a blog post can immediately be turned into an infographic or social quote poster, a video for YouTube or TikTok, or a podcast episode.

Whenever you need video content, you can open up your spreadsheet and see if you have a blog post that hasn’t been used as video content and use that for your material.

Repurposing Content

AI tools can help you repurpose your company content. Feed the original piece into ChatGPT, Gemini, or Copilot and ask it how to turn a blog article into a slideshow video.

Some tools will create multiple media pieces for you, including image, video, and audio AI. By repurposing your content, you’ll get more reach and be able to take ideas to other locations online quickly.

There are many ideas for you to do more with your content faster. Create a system that works best for you, and stay organized to see the best results. Don’t be afraid to test methods to see if any improvements can be made, and pay attention to your productivity and timing.

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