The Promotional Guy Marketing Checklists: Online Course Checklist

This Online Course Checklist is designed to assist educators, businesses, and content creators in developing and launching an effective online course.

Online courses are an excellent way to share expertise, generate revenue, and build a community around your subject matter.

This checklist, along with the AI Prompts, will guide you through the entire process, from course planning to marketing and evaluation.

Course Planning and Development

This is the foundational phase where you decide on the course topic, outline, and format.

  • Choose a course topic based on market demand and your expertise.
  • Develop a course outline with modules and lessons.
  • Decide on the course format (video, text, quizzes, etc.).
  • Create or gather course materials.
  • Design course slides or visual aids.
  • Write scripts for video or audio content.
  • Test the course content for clarity and engagement.

AI Prompts:

  • ChatGPT, how can I identify a profitable course topic?
  • ChatGPT, what are some best practices for creating an engaging course outline?
  • ChatGPT, what types of course materials should I consider including?

Platform and Technology

Choosing the right platform and technology is crucial for delivering a seamless learning experience.

  • Research and select an online course platform.
  • Set up the course structure on the platform.
  • Ensure mobile-responsiveness.
  • Test all functionalities like quizzes, downloads, and video playback.
  • Set up payment gateways.
  • Implement tracking and analytics.
  • Ensure data security and GDPR compliance.

AI Prompts:

  • ChatGPT, what are some popular online course platforms?
  • ChatGPT, how do I set up tracking and analytics for my course?
  • ChatGPT, what should I consider for GDPR compliance in an online course?

Pricing and Monetization

Determining the right pricing strategy can significantly impact your course’s success.

  • Research competitor pricing.
  • Decide on a pricing model (one-time fee, subscription, free trial, etc.).
  • Consider bundling with other courses or products.
  • Set up discount codes or promotional offers.
  • Implement upsells or cross-sells within the course.
  • Plan for an affiliate marketing program.
  • Consider offering a money-back guarantee.

AI Prompts:

  • ChatGPT, how should I go about researching competitor pricing?
  • ChatGPT, what are some effective pricing models for online courses?
  • ChatGPT, how can I implement upsells or cross-sells effectively?

Marketing and Launch

A well-planned marketing strategy is essential for attracting students to your course.

  • Create a pre-launch email list.
  • Develop a multi-channel marketing strategy.
  • Create promotional content like blog posts, social media updates, and videos.
  • Leverage partnerships and affiliates for promotion.
  • Plan and execute a launch sequence.
  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Optimize marketing efforts based on analytics.

AI Prompts:

  • ChatGPT, what should be included in a multi-channel marketing strategy for an online course?
  • ChatGPT, how do I create an effective launch sequence?
  • ChatGPT, what KPIs should I monitor for my online course?

Student Engagement and Support

Keeping students engaged and supported ensures they get the most out of your course.

  • Set up a community forum or group for students.
  • Offer additional resources like worksheets or reading lists.
  • Implement gamification elements like badges or certificates.
  • Provide timely support through email or chat.
  • Encourage student interaction and discussions.
  • Collect feedback through surveys or direct communication.
  • Update course content based on feedback and performance metrics.

AI Prompts:

  • ChatGPT, how can I effectively set up a community for my online course?
  • ChatGPT, what are some gamification elements I can include to boost engagement?
  • ChatGPT, how should I collect and utilize student feedback?

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