Day 15 – 30 Ideas to Publish a New YouTube Video

Day 15 of your 30-day digital marketing plan, it’s time to implement more hands-on training. Follow Day 10 for detailed instructions on creating and publishing a video for your company’s YouTube Channel. This exercise is another excellent way to get your staff involved, and you might find out one of them has what it takes to create videos for your company’s channel.

List of 30 YouTube Video Ideas

Here is a list of 30 powerful video ideas you can create and post to your company’s YouTube Channel.

  1. Business Tour: Give viewers a virtual tour of your establishment, highlighting key areas and features.
  2. Meet the Team: Introduce staff members with short interviews, discussing their roles and personal interests.
  3. Product Demonstrations: Showcase how to use a product or the benefits of a service you offer.
  4. Customer Testimonials: Record satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences with your business.
  5. Day in the Life: Follow an employee for a day, showing the ins and outs of their daily tasks.
  6. Local Event Coverage: Attend local events and provide coverage or highlights, especially if you’re sponsoring or participating.
  7. DIY Tips: Depending on your business, offer DIY tips or hacks related to your products or services.
  8. Behind the Scenes: Show the process of creating a product, setting up for an event, or other behind-the-scenes looks.
  9. Live Q&A Sessions: Engage with your audience in real time, answering questions about your business or industry.
  10. Collaboration Videos: Team up with another local business for a joint video, perhaps a challenge, interview, or combined service/product demo.
  11. How It’s Made: A detailed look into how a product is manufactured or a service is carried out.
  12. Seasonal Promotions: Highlight any seasonal deals, products, or events you’re offering.
  13. Tutorials: Offer step-by-step guides related to your products or services.
  14. Community Involvement: Showcase your business’s involvement in community service or charity events.
  15. Challenges: Engage with popular challenges (relevant to your business) or create your own unique challenge.
  16. Storytime: Share interesting stories about the history of your business, challenges faced, or memorable customers.
  17. Unboxing: If you have new inventory or equipment, film an unboxing and first impressions video.
  18. Local Spotlights: Feature local landmarks, other businesses, or attractions, showcasing community spirit.
  19. Monthly Recaps: Highlight key events, achievements, or news from the past month.
  20. Expert Interviews: Bring in an expert related to your industry for an interview or discussion.
  21. Workshops: Host or record workshops related to your business offerings.
  22. Animated Explainers: Use animations to explain complex topics related to your industry or business.
  23. Customer Feedback: Discuss feedback or reviews, addressing concerns and highlighting positive comments.
  24. Vlogs: Share regular vlogs, updating viewers on business news, events, or just day-to-day happenings.
  25. Flashback/Throwback: Share old footage or photos, discussing the history or evolution of your business.
  26. Contests and Giveaways: Announce and promote contests, ensuring you follow YouTube’s guidelines.
  27. Reaction Videos: React to industry news, trends, or even fun, relevant viral videos.
  28. Frequently Asked Questions: Address commonly asked questions in a video format.
  29. Virtual Classes: Depending on your business, offer virtual classes or lessons.
  30. Announcements: Share important updates, new product launches, or upcoming events.

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