Key Points:

• Copywriters primarily work with companies to promote or advertise their client’s products and services.

• Often, those clients serve specific industries such as Technology, Health, Finance, and Home Services.

• Unlike employees, Copywriters are primarily paid on a per-word or per project basis, or given a monthly retainer.

A variety of companies and organizations hire copywriters for different purposes. Traditional employers or clients of copywriters include:

Advertising Agencies

Copywriters working at advertising agencies typically write copy for print and online advertisements, along with TV and radio commercials.

In-House Marketing Departments

Many companies have in-house marketing departments that employ copywriters to write copy for various marketing materials, such as product descriptions, website content, email campaigns, and social media posts.

Public Relations Firms

Copywriters working at PR firms often write press releases and other communications materials.

Digital Marketing Agencies

In recent years, digital marketing has grown in importance. Many digital marketing agencies have emerged that specialize in social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and content marketing. These agencies often employ copywriters to write copy optimized for the web and designed to drive traffic and engagement.

E-commerce Companies

Many e-commerce companies hire copywriters to write product descriptions, email campaigns, and other marketing materials designed to drive sales.


Some copywriters choose to work as freelancers and offer their services to various clients. They may work on a per-project basis or monthly retainer.

Blog, News, and Media Companies

Some blog, news, and media companies also employ copywriters. They will write articles, news items, or both. They are also responsible for the article’s headline and subheadings and ensure that the article is SEO optimized.


These are just a few examples of the many types of companies and organizations that hire copywriters. The specific duties of a copywriter may vary depending on the employer and the industry in which they work.


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