What’s The Best Written Lead Generation Content For a Website?

As much as I’d love to say a blog post or a thousand-word article, you and I already know. Those are writing formats designed to bring visitors to and rank your website higher without buying ads.

The best-written lead generation content is highly sought-after, opt-in material, in a downloadable format. It brings pre-qualified buyers and warm leads to any company, who implements the process.

But First, What Brings Visitors to Your Website?

Visitors landing on your website are, in some form or another, a decision-maker. An influencer. A buyer. They did not stumble upon your site by accident. They came searching, with a specific intent in mind.

  1. Your visitor is either fervently searching for reliable, in-depth content that can help them make an informed and educated buying decision.
  2. Or they are gathering additional information to persuade their company’s decision-makers to consider buying from you instead of a rival competitor.

Knowing this, how would you answer the following question?

What opt-in material will drive this visitor to take action NOW?

If you believe that’s not important to consider, continue with what you are doing. But, if you are not sure, and still want to know, let me ask you.

What do you genuinely know about your audience, their reading habits, and preferences? If you’re not sure, then review the following questions.

  • Do your visitors inquire or make buying decisions after reading blogs?
  • Are they more prone to look for reports in the form of a white paper?
  • Does a technical case study grab your visitor’s interest?
  • Is a product buyer’s guide more appealing to them?
  • Or is there a different type of prescribed content they want?
  • To gain access, would they opt-in with their name and email?

Knowing which formats your visitors want would open new doors for your company.

What To Know About Visitor Commitment Levels?

Getting your visitor to your website using blogs, articles, and SEO optimized content is their first commitment to you. To get a more profound commitment from them, you have to take it up a notch.

Once on-site, having restricted downloadable written content, your visitor can opt-in to get, is vital. That allows your buyer to begin their process of combing through your content, comparing your results and findings.

In exchange, your visitor has taken their commitment to the next level. A profound state of trust with your company has begun. And your sales team gets a new lead for the follow-up process.

Here’s how opt-in content is working for three clients.

Each client listed has decoded and clearly understands who their reading audience is and what they want. They know what their visitors latch onto and devour most.

Example #1 – Air Movement Technologies Industry

This client is in the “Air Movement Technologies” space. They produce and sell cooling fans and blowers, induction motors, and specialty heating products. Their 2-Tiered audience serves commercial and industrial markets.

For this group, Resource Guides, Technical White Papers, and Summary Catalogs have proven the most effective opt-in content and generates a high volume of inquiries and warm leads.

Example #2 – Green Space Industry

This client is in the Green Space, serving commercial properties and landowners. His opt-in content readers are primarily homeowners, property managers, building contractors, and groundskeepers.

This group’s interests are street appearance, property value, pest control, water management, irrigation, and runoff. The client found by providing a plant of the week email series it increased project inquiries and boosted company revenues.

Example #3 – Telephone Service Industry

This next client, a conglomerate, has a worldwide audience base. They are a telephone service company that produces and sells VoIP phones and services. Their audience is decision-makers at the highest level.

The best-written opt-in lead generation content for their company website has proven to be news releases, analysts reports, press releases, and articles submitted to highly recognized online sources, i.e., U.S. News and World Report, Forbes, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

Final Thoughts

As you have read, the secret sauce for any website owner, wanting warm leads, is having highly sought-after, opt-in material, in a downloadable format. Do you want opt-in visitors for your sales team to follow up? Then call or email me. I’m here to help you.

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