What Is An Email Content Writer?

What Is An Email Content Writer?

What Is An Email Content Writer?

An email content writer creates marketing messages that direct prospects to websites.

The content might be for a new product, an e-newsletter, or a series of email messages.

The email content writer is directed by their client on what the material needs to say.

Once written, the message(s) are uploaded and sent via an email marketing service provider.

What’s The #1 Purpose Of Sending Email?

The main purpose of the email is to send marketing messages to your warm list of subscribers.

The objective is to stay in touch, drive traffic to a landing page or e-commerce website.

Based on how many emails are opened, and clicked through gives you measurable results.

You can send emails to a cold list, but the response is typically low due to no interest or spam filters.

What’s The #1 Mistake Made With Email Content?

The biggest mistake email content writers make is not understanding the target audience.

They create a subject line that is missing a hook that grabs and piques the prospect’s curiosity.

The body of the message is too formal, not conversational, and doesn’t tell a story.

Finally, there is no call to action link provided to send the prospect to the client’s website.

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