What Is A Website Page Writer?

What Is A Website Page Writer?

What Is A Website Page Writer?

A website page writer provides written material for each page of your site.

The content might be for a new website, refreshing current pages, or a complete rewrite.

The website page writer will do extensive research, to understand the company’s industry.

When the writing project is complete the voice, tone, and brand will match the client’s business.

What’s The #1 Purpose Of A Website?

There are many beliefs, but at the end of the day the website must generate warm leads and sales.

The company’s decision-maker wants visitors to stop by, review the site, and then contact them.

To do this, all pages must be written to help clients bring in new accounts.

When the website doesn’t generate warm leads the content is not effective and needs rewritten.

What’s The #1 Mistake With Website Content?

The biggest mistake website page writers make is not creating lead generation content for each page.

Often, the page has plenty of content, but looking closer, the material is dull or filled with opinions.

The objective of every page is for a visitor to read the page, take action, and contact the client.

With thorough research and written to generate a lead, the client will gain more business.

Which Website Pages Need Content Updated Regularly?

All websites have forgotten or overlooked pages that need updating, regularly.

Besides blogs, your location pages need updating, but each service area needs unique content.

A company’s service pages have procedures and processes that change, and also needs updating.

Finally, there is a constant need for Product pages to get edited because items do get discontinued.

What Lead Generation or Sales Content Do You Need?

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