What Is A Ghostwriter?

What Is A Ghostwriter?

What Is A Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a professional writer who is paid to write for others and receives no authorship credit.

Celebrities, executives, political leaders, marketing gurus all hire ghostwriters to write for them.

The material might be an autobiography, ebook, magazine articles, speeches, and more.

A ghostwriter will sign an NDA that prevents them from disclosing their involvement in the project.

What’s The #1 Purpose For Using A Ghostwriter?

The main purpose of using a ghostwriter is their ability to build a company’s brand awareness quickly.

That brand awareness might be for a product, organization, celebrity, non-profit, or political party.

Furthermore, the ghostwriter must sign a contract that specifies in detail the full scope of the project.

When a company doesn’t have a skilled writer on staff, the company or individual hires a ghostwriter.

What’s The #1 Mistake Made By Ghostwriters?

Ghostwriters, new to the industry often lack a standard of ethics and will say anything to get the job.

Unfortunately, many clients are tricked into thinking they’re paying an experienced professional.

However, they soon discover the ghostwriter is a beginner with no writing credentials.

When the ghostwriter’s secret is uncovered the writer could face legal actions and getting sued.

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