What Is A Copywriter?

What Is A Copy Writer?

What Is A Copywriter?

Well, it depends on who you ask.

Originally, it was a writer, at an ad agency that wrote advertisements. They were called Copy Writers.

The copy is the written content a person reads in the ad the writer drafted.

Over the years the term Copy Writer became Copy-Writer, and eventually Copywriter.

Are There Different Types Of Copy?

Yes! There is Sales copy. Email copy. Blog copy. Website copy, etc.

Each with its own specific purpose. For instance, Sales copy is written to make a sale.

Email copy is crafted to get a recipient to respond. Blog copy is for information.

Website copy builds a presence, e.g., a person, business, organization, etc.

What Does a Copywriter Do?

A copywriter first researches a topic. That allows them to gather background information.

Once the research is completed, the next step is to write a persuasive headline.

With the headline completed, they move on to write the copy for the piece, e.g., ad, blog, email, etc.

The final stage is submitting their draft to their client for edits, proofreading, and revisions.

What Does A Copywriter Charge?

It depends on the copywriter. Some charge by the hour. Others by the project.

In some instances, royalties are part of the agreement.

Before you hire a copywriter always request a written quote.

As for payment terms, most require a down payment or full payment before starting.

What Lead Generation or Sales Content Do You Need?

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