What Is A Content Writer?

What is a content writer?

What Is A Content Writer?

A content writer is a person who writes informative pieces, e.g. blogs, articles, case studies, etc.

The material can be persuasive, academic, journalistic, or tutorial.

A content writer can also be a copywriter, commonly referred to as a commercial writer.

Commercial meaning, the writer has different writing skills and not merely for content pieces.

What Are The Different Types Of Content Writers?

Over the years different types of content writer segments get added to the list.

  • SEO Content Writer
  • Blog Post Writer
  • Long-Form Writer
  • Webpage Writer
  • Social Media Writer
  • Email Writer
  • Technical Writer
  • Press Release Writer
  • Feature Writer
  • Editorial Writer
  • Article Writer
  • Report Writer
  • Resume Writer
  • Script Writer
  • Ghost Writer
  • Book Writer
  • Journalist
  • Copywriter

Each skillset requires researching, dedication, and long-term practice.

What Are The Different Content Categories?

Today, in the digital age, content is more than the written word.

Content is now classified into four vast categories.

  1. Interactive – contests, polls, quizzes, etc.
  2. Video – vlog, webinar, product demonstrations, etc.
  3. Visual – images, infographics, online magazines, etc.
  4. Written – blogs, ebooks, white papers, etc.

Within each category, content must still be researched and written especially for a digital format.

Where Do Content Writers Work?

Content writers fall under two categories, Freelancer or in-house writer at a marketing or ad agency.

The in-house writer is commonly a W-2 employee paid by the hour or a fixed salary.

The freelance content writer is a W-9 contract writer paid per project.

Both are subject to signing non-disclosure agreements known as NDAs.

What Do Freelance Content Writers Charge?

It depends on the content writer. Some charge by the hour. Others by the project.

In some instances, a content writer might be on retainer.

Before you hire a content writer always request a written quote.

As for payment terms, most require a down payment or full payment before starting.

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