“Warning: Don’t Buy Freelance Writing Services Until You Get Answers To These 5 Questions!”

Ask the freelance content writer what’s the difference between content that sounds good, and content that gets your phone ringing? The surprising answer is summed up in one word.

Want more warm leads..? then ask your SEO freelancer whether putting a price on the offer page is right because knowing this answer gave SafeSoft Solutions, a supplier of call center equipment, 100% more warm leads.

Get more buyers to your showroom, by asking your freelance copywriter which 3 content pieces matter most? Hyundai Holland tested these 3 and got 63% more requests for a test drive.

Want quote requests from your website? Then make sure your freelance copywriter creates this step that is near the form in the correct place. This was tested and made a 110% difference in the number of leads generated.

Want more phone calls from buyers? Then you had better make sure your freelance content marketing writer puts more emphasis on which of these 2; great offer or credibility because Cook Travel tested both and one got 48% more phone calls each day.

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