The Monk and the Butterfly Nailed It!

The Monk and the Butterfly Nailed It!

High in the Himalayan mountains lived a wise old man.

Periodically, he ventured down into the local village.

There he would entertain the villagers with his special knowledge and talents.

One of his skills was to psychically tell the villagers the contents in their pockets, boxes, or minds.

A boy from the village decided to play a joke on the wise old man and discredit his special abilities.

The young man came up with an elaborate plan to capture a butterfly and hide it in his hands.

He knew that the monk would know what he was holding.

But the boy planned to then ask the old man if the butterfly was dead or alive.

If the wise man said the butterfly was alive, the boy would crush it in his hands.

So when he opened his hands the butterfly would be dead.

But, If the wise man said the butterfly was dead, the boy would open his hands and let it fly free.

No matter what the old man said, the boy would prove the old man a fraud.

The following week the monk came down the mountain into the village.

Along the way, villagers lined up to ask him their most difficult questions.

The boy showed up and asked,

“Sir, if indeed you are as wise and talented as everyone believes you are,

Please tell me whether the butterfly in my hand is dead or alive.”

For a moment it appeared as if the monk was at a loss for words.

The student thought he had cornered the wise old monk.

After a pause, the monk looked straight at the boy, and then down at his closed hand.

He slowly shook his head from side to side.

“Son,” he said, “whether the butterfly is dead or alive, is entirely in your hands.”

“It’s yours to choose.”

That story reminded me of a 1993 decision I made

I had just lost my job with a company I loved working at that I helped build from the ground up.

There I was on the side of the road jobless, $300 bucks to my name, and no clear options.

On one hand I had equipment, and technical skills, but on the other no one needing them or me.

Like so many desperate, and jobless young person, I’m praying for a sign, just show me something.

That’s when I noticed a Snap-On van pulling up!

I See A Snap-On Vehicle

As I’m looking at the van I’m immediately reminded, these tool peddlers run a route system.

They do this everyday selling tools, tool boxes, equipment, and the latest products.

They stop at every used car lot, mechanics shop, new car dealers, and body shops on their route.

Each place they stop at, they make sure their latest catalog and brochures are left behind.

The next time they stop by it has given the technicians and mechanics time to browse and buy.

That gave me an idea I hadn’t considered.

That night I created a stack of 6×9 flyers I could handout to the different businesses I stop at.

Once I gave all those flyers away, then every single day, Monday – Saturday I returned.

I asked if they needed any service or assistance but most declined.

But I didn’t give up and like clockwork I’d show up the next day with the same pitch, and a flyer.

By the end of my first week, I brought home a little over $300 and in my eyes I crushed it!

The following week something strange happened!

That Monday morning, before heading out the door, I get a call from a customer.

They need me to stop by their location right away and if I could…hurry.

As I’m hopping in my car, my old Motorola “Brick” cell phone starts ringing.

And I’m thinking, “Who could that be???”

It’s another customer needing my services and this went on all day.

Then the next day, and the next day to the point I found myself permanently in business.

Had I never put together some form of written content to give away and leave behind.

I would have never become a direct response copywriter helping business owners like you.

Your business is in our own hands, just like the butterfly. What will you do with it?

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