The Local Bank Heist Gave Him An Idea!

The Local Bank Heist Gave Him An Idea!

It wasn’t long ago in a small rural community their local bank was robbed in the dead of night.

The last time there was a bank heist was over 70 years ago, and the robber was quickly caught.

This time, the police showed up, the sheriffs showed up, the feds showed up, and so did the mayor.

Also, the local newspaper reporter arrived looking for a juicy story but was quickly turned away.

From the beginning it was considered an inside job by law enforcement from what they uncovered.

All the evidence showed it happened after hours on Friday after the staff had left for the day.

With more questions than answers, tempers flared!

After a couple of weeks, the bank remained closed and the locals couldn’t access their bank accounts.

The mayor’s office was bombarded with no stop phones calls and email messages.

Also, droves and droves of angry citizens showed up in his lobby protesting.

Some went to his home and camped out on the mayor’s lawn, refusing to leave, demanding answers.

Unfortunately, he too had more questions than answers, and the feds wouldn’t release any details.

Finally, the mayor relented and setup a town hall meeting to calm the public and was opened to all.

The locals discovered there’s a thief among them!

That rainy Wednesday night the local community center was filled with wall-to-wall angry people.

There were business owners, farmers, cattle ranchers, church leaders, and any one who could get in.

Now, before the townsfolk could ask their questions the mayor had a special announcement to make.

Though the investigation was still ongoing the mayor could only report on the 7 facts released to him.

  • The bank was indeed robbed
  • The heist took place at night
  • No employee of the bank was hurt
  • No forced entry into the bank
  • All security cameras were disabled
  • Someone knew the vault’s combination
  • The feds had no suspects or persons of interest

As you can imagine, when the meeting ended many left in shock, worried, and angrier.

Quickly the looks and stares at one another began as did the whispers and finger pointing.

As each left the community center thoughts of “Could they have done it?” started to grow.

Local businessman places a full-page ad to calm fears!

Everywhere you went in town, the talk of the bank heist remained a hot topic of speculation.

As the weeks progressed with no answers in sight the demeanor of most grew from anger to fear.

  • What if the bank never reopens and we can’t get our money out?
  • Is my money still in the bank or was that taken too?
  • Did the bank go bankrupt and no one wants to say?
  • Why can’t they find those who robbed the bank?
  • Did they break into my safe deposit box?
  • Is my wife’s jewelry and our important papers still there?
  • How soon can I get in and move my account to another bank?

That’s when a local businessman took matters into his own hands and wanted to help is neighbors.

What he did was place a full-page ad in the chamber of commerce newsletter offering home safes.

Unfortunately, he too had more questions than answers, and the feds wouldn't release any details.

His interest wasn’t to profit from this crime!

Everywhere he looked and those he spoke with no longer resembled his friendly neighbors.

He believed if other chamber members saw his advertisement and they bought a home safe.

Their fear of losing their money or access to their accounts would begin to decline.

After six months most of the town had finally settled down because they could protect their assets.

The outcome of the investigation

Each employee of the bank, from the president down to the tellers were investiated.

That also included past employees that were fired, disgruntled, or resigned and moved on.

Eventually, the bank did reopen, and account holders were able to return.

Under federal laws new security measures were deployed and updated.

Unfortunately, to this day there are still no arrests or persons of interest.

Sometimes your written content brings hope!

Nothing the mayor, local officials, or law enforcement could say would ease the town’s fears.

When I wrote that advertisement for this businessman not even I understood how it would help.

What I do remember is the community needed a way to feel secure again, after the bank robbery.

But, thanks to this businessman’s written content idea, he turn the tide and calmed his neighbors.

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