The Cons and Pros of Having a Company Blog

The #1 writing question I get asked by many business clients is, “Do I have to have a blog on my website?” My blunt answer shocks many, and not what you’d expect to hear from an experienced SEO blog and content writer.

If you are ready, here it is, “No! You are not required or need to have a blog of any kind on your website.” Many businesses thrive without providing any informative or educational content to their visitors.

You are free to do likewise at your site. Just remember, Blogging is not an “etched-in-stone” website requirement. It is an add-on feature that requires ongoing attention in the hopes of ranking a domain higher in search engine results.

Now, before you grab the pitchforks, light your torches & boil the tar, hear me out.

No marketing agency, SEO blog writer, or freelance commercial writer can force you to comply with their search ranking best practices and recommendations. The domain is your property. Furthermore, in all the years of writing for clients, honestly, some sites are better off without a blog.

But to be clear, I wholeheartedly believe any business will benefit more from daily or weekly blog entries than a company that does not seize the opportunity. With that said, here are my Con and Pro reasons for having a company blog.

The Cons of Having a Company Blog

My First Reason I do not want you to put up a blog is the loss of interest. Not from visitors, but you. Here’s what I mean. I scour the internet looking at website blogs. It is shocking to discover blog content from highly reputable companies, which came to a screeching halt.

Not by a month or two, try like a year, 3 Years, 5 YEARS! Seriously? As a business owner, is that the impression you want your visitors to find on your website? Abandoned content? If you have lost interest, I get it. It happens, so take down the blog or hire a writer to keep that section up to date.

My Second Reason I do not want you to put up a blog is adding off-topic content. Here is a recent example; I was looking through a camping website. I’m scrolling through the topics and see tents, sleeping bags, lanterns, stoves. Then the content topics shifted away from camping over to dresses, jewelry, makeup, more jewelry.

As a first-time visitor, I was briefly confused. I honestly thought I accidentally clicked a link to another site. It turns out; I didn’t. That got me thinking, if my first impression was confusion, how many other visitors had the same experience? The solution is simple. TPG’s S.O.T. Rule. Whatever gets written, Stay On Topic. That also includes site topics. It eliminates any confusion.

My Final Reason I do not want you to put up a blog is spelling errors. I completely understand if a misspelled word or two slips past the writer. It has happened to me. However, when I found the error, or it was brought to my attention, I corrected it. But when a visitor sees multiple pieces littered with spelling and grammatical errors, your content will turn viewers away.

A simple solution is to have each piece proofread and edited by a professional editor. The other option is to purchase grammar software that will scan your document before getting displayed at your site. But, if you choose not to use an editor or buy the grammar software, take down your blog. Spelling errors ruin a company’s image and credibility.

The Pros of Having a Company Blog

My First Reason I want you to put up a blog is your level of experience and industry-specific training. You may not know this, but when your visitor showed up, they did so due to their search intent. What they were looking for, your content brought them to your doorstep.

When a consumer is looking for specific information about products or services you offer, would your written explanation prove more valuable than someone with no experience? In this day and age, buyers are openly searching for informative content, from well-trained knowledgeable individuals, like you.

My Second Reason I want you to put up a blog is to boost your local authority faster. Case in point, I was contracted to audit and update a local landscaper’s website. Over the years, business trailed off as more and more competition popped up. The owner assumed that blogs are no longer helpful and stopped posting.

Then he noticed his website fall in ranking and brought me in. For the next six months, I posted 2-3 blog posts a week and shared them with his social media followers. Within two months, calls and emails came in, asking to speak with him directly. The updated content gave him local authority status quickly and unexpectedly.

My Third Reason I want you to put up a blog is to keep you busy and business growing. In years past, blogs were considered opinion pieces. Today, however, opinions are taking a backseat. Now thoroughly researched, documented, and authoritative, written content pieces have taken center stage.

Search engines are crawling websites looking for genuinely relevant content their searchers want to find. Visitors are seeking informative and educational content. When you provide reliable, ongoing fact-based material to your company blog, your website moves closer to page one in search results.

Final Thoughts

Opinions aside, blog posts, that are well researched and written, and posted weekly or monthly, your business will grow. Maybe you’ve wanted to talk with someone about your blog, but did not know whom to contact. Call or email me today to discuss your project. I’m here to help!

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