How Does Personalized Content Help You?

How Does Personalized Content Help You?

You’ll agree. Today’s marketplace is crowded!

As a result, it’s gotten harder to grab a customer’s attention with written content.

Yet, the Internet is flooded daily with new content that’s helpful and valuable.

Knowing that, how can you craft your material to hook a buyer’s interest and pick you?

A highly effective method to grab your visitor’s attention is using Personalized Content.

What Is Personalized Content?

Personalized content refers to using the information you’ve collected on your target audience.

From that data, you create content tailored to their interests, preferences, or needs.

The idea is to identify what your audience responds to most.

Is it problems they need solved? Questions they need answered? Both?

Next, create content that lines up with those personal needs and preferences.

What Do I Mean By Personalized Content?

If you’ve ever used Amazon or Netflix, you’ve experienced automated, personalized content firsthand.

These sites offer content based on what you’ve searched for, purchased or watch history.

Then, they utilize that data to provide suggestions based on your past visits.

What Amazon and Netflix are doing is just one simple example of personalized content.

There is a whole range of options available for businesses that want to personalize their content.

Let’s Break It Down!

First, you have to uncover your audience’s problems or the questions in their minds.

Then you create content that solves the problems, answers the questions, or both.

When you personalize your content, you create a whole new experience.

Your new targeted content is conversational, rather than pushy or salesy.  

Here’s An Example

When you send an email to a specific reader with a personal message…

…that points them to further content resources, this is a highly personalized experience.

When adding automation, you shortcut your process inviting a better experience, for example:

  • Amazon and Netflix making automated recommendations
  • Google auto-fills your search results
  • Facebook customizing your newsfeed
  • A frequently visited website addressing you by name and asking how they can help

Here’s What Makes Personalization So Vital

In today’s world of information overload, personalization is vital for a number of reasons.

But first and foremost, grabbing a customer’s attention today, is increasingly difficult.

Today’s customer is bombarded with vast amounts of daily non-personalized content.

That forces content creators, like myself, to write unforgettable material.

Personalization does this by speaking directly to your buyer’s preferences, problems, and needs.

What Does Personalized Content Do For You?

Personalizing your content allows you to create a stronger bond with your audience.

They feel that you know them and you’re speaking directly to them.

Though they follow multiple content outlets your audience will read your material first.

But, only if they feel they have a strong relationship with you.

What Type Of Results Should You Expect?

When you personalize content, it helps you gain a better understanding of your audience.

You gain valuable insight about your customer that tells you whether or not they’re a warm lead.

If they are, you can then make offers that will easily convert to sales, without being pushy.

Personalization brings you valuable feedback that goes beyond sales, such as

  • Building relationships
  • Increasing engagement
  • Spreading brand awareness

Personalization offers a feedback loop between you and your audience that leads to better targeting.

In Conclusion

First, you must study your potential customer, and then create customized content.

You can then monitor how they respond to your material.

Next, use the feedback to create more personalized content.

Finally, take it up a notch with advanced material that builds a stronger bond with your audience.

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