Hiring A Ghostwriter To Write Your Website Articles

You’ve studied your website and want to find effective ways of promoting and marketing your products and services with informative articles. Your goal?

Attract more visitors to your website and generate warm leads, but with one exception. You want them to get to know you and what your company provides.

You know articles work because you find yourself drawn in reading articles at other websites. The problem is, neither you or any of your staff have the time to produce company website content.

That is where an experienced ghostwriter can become part of your team. They would do all of the research, writing, proofreading, and editing. And finally, uploading the article to your company website.

What Do Ghostwriters Write?

Experienced Ghostwriters are experts in producing high-quality article content for website owners, online news sites, and marketing agencies. What they write varies with each assignment.

One day they may need to write an article on sewing machines. The next day, a case study for the airline industry, and then a white paper for a technology firm promoting their cybersecurity services.

Regardless of what they write, part of the ghostwriting assignment is the writer will never get credit for the piece. Neither will they receive a byline or credit which the public can review.

Where can you find article Ghostwriters?

To locate a Ghostwriter, you can find them on website forums, job boards, or in your community. With a simple Google search type in “Ghostwriters near me,” and you will probably be surprised to find one near you.

Furthermore, never rule out one of your employees. You may have a closet ghostwriter in your midst, and don’t know it. If you do, who better to write your website’s articles?

How much do Ghostwriters charge?

That all depends. Like in any industry, writers charge fees based on their experience, if they specialize in your field of work, and a client’s content turnaround time deadlines. What you should expect to see is pricing by the word, or page, or the project.

Pricing models will also vary. One writer may require full payment before they begin. Another may take half down and the balance before the final edit gets submitted. And then there are the ghostwriters who only offer “on retainer” fee structure, and receive payment at the beginning of each month.

Do Ghostwriters specialize in their writing?

Yes, they do! Some writers choose only to write for one or two industries. You will find ghostwriters that only write news features for the technology sector, or e-newsletters for the health & wellness industry, and so on.

Due to the writer’s background, education, or jobs they have held in the past, they find staying focused on one or two industries provides the best content for their clients. And that’s what you want when you hire a ghostwriter to write your website articles.