Do You Have A Website Content Checklist?

Do You Have A Website Content Checklist

Do You Have A Website Content Checklist?

When I’m reviewing a client’s website, most of the time I find errors, dead links, and outdated content.

Quite often their site has been ignored or updating it has been put on hold.

I’m embarrassed for the client what I find and bring to their attention, and like most, they’re shocked.

When my examination and updating are complete, I provide each client with a website checklist.

What Areas Of Your Website Need Ongoing Inspecting?

With the websites I refresh or update here is my list of the most common areas needing attention.

  • Footer – The copyright date doesn’t get updated annually.
  • Phone – A company’s phone number is not displayed at the top of the website.
  • Links – Internal and external links are not tested, and many are found to be dead.
  • Spelling – Misspelled words or the wrong word used, e.g., “your” instead of “you’re,” etc.
  • Punctuation – Accessive use of commas, or missing periods, question, and exclamation marks.
  • Sentence – Too many words are used to form a sentence.
  • Wording – The wording tone is not consistent across the website.
  • Pages – About, Services, Industries, and Product pages have not been updated.
  • Blog – Outdated posts and no current revisions when a product or process has changed.
  • Verticals – Industries, Locations, Service Areas pages have limited content affecting SEO results.

Each of these areas of your website, when not updated and corrected is visible to your site’s visitor.

What’s The Best Method To Fix Content Errors?

The most effective method to fixing your website’s content errors, is to read each page, uninterrupted.

Read each line slowly. If possible say the words out loud and to another person.

Make note of any sentences that seem to long or drone on and on.

Take plenty of notes, and alert your website person what you found, or contact me and I’ll correct it.

What Lead Generation or Sales Content Do You Need?

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