Do Technology Storyline Emails Convert?

Do Long Technology-Written Story Emails Convert?

In a world of technology, cybersecurity, cloud providers, and anything technical…

It’s kind of hard to believe.

Technology storyline emails converting???

REALLY??? Is that possible???

It’s unheard of, not practical, and considered unprofessional across the industry.

I mean…think about it.

What B2B C-suite executive has time to read a long storyline email from a tech company?

They’re extremely busy, focused on running their business and meeting their client’s needs.

But…This one, IT business owner, had a different view!

What they wanted to do was break the mold and get away…

Far away from the standard industry emails IT company’s always send.

You know the email types I’m talking about…

  • Did Your Onsite IT Systems Go Offline, Again?
  • Are There New IT Security Benefits For Loyal Clients?
  • What Are The Benefits From Your IT Provider?

You still with me?

I know they’re…BORING!

That’s when I got the call.

The project put before me seemed straightforward…

Except it had to be written in a story form to generate leads.

It had to be conversational, and the longer the storyline, the better.

After speaking with the client, they wanted the storyline to be about…

“Passwords Getting Hacked”

They’ve done extensive testing, and made a startling discovery.

But this time I wanted to present the story as though…

…the IT company got the shock of their lives

…what they discovered rocked their world

…and they needed to act fast and get the word out.

Here’s the email I wrote…

Subject line:

How Fast Can Your Password Get Hacked? Wrong! Guess Again!

Email copy:

Hi ~Contact.FirstName~,

I’ve got to tell you this shocking story about passwords getting hacked.

When I looked at the data, my jaw dropped to the floor.

You’re not going to believe what happened…

First off, we love testing password strengths to see how fast a hacker can bypass it.

Yeah, yeah…it’s a thing, (don’t judge me) LOL!

Anyway, the current industry rule is to use a mixture of numbers, letters, and symbols…

…oh and at least 7-8 characters long.

Now, if you’re like me you know 7-8 characters

…with a mixture of numbers, letters, and symbols is harder to hack.

Right? Wrong! Guess again!

So, ~Contact.FirstName~, when I looked at the data,

I nearly tripped over my jaw as it fell to the ground.

And my eyes nearly popped out of my skull…

…I simply couldn’t believe it, so I tested it for myself…

Before you ask, I must confess

I’m a stone-cold, chest puffed out, SKEPTIC!

I know others did the testing…

…but I had to see it for myself.

So what was my burly skeptical reaction?

I’m almost afraid to admit it, but I said…


If your not sitting down, I’d suggest you to it, now!

Are you ready?

Our results showed…

It only took .29 milliseconds to crack that password wide open.

Do you realize how fast that is?

That’s less than a second…a SECOND!

…I mean, I followed the industry standard and made sure I used numbers, letters, and symbols.

After countless attempts and testing, and testing, and testing…still, less than a second.

That’s the first time I felt my heart pounding so hard I thought it was going to explode!

None of us here could believe what we uncovered.

It defies logic and all that we’ve been taught.

In the end, our team pooled all the data together.

We created an infographic with all the details.

Normally I wouldn’t tell you about this…

but this time you needed to know so <Click Here> and download the free pdf.


PS. Whatever you do, change your password, again. Please!

Wanna know the results?

The purpose of the email was strictly for lead generation.

We had a scrubbed list of 5600 emails for our initial test.

Results? 27% open rate and 13.75% clickthrough rate.

After the test, we then sent the same message out to over 12,000 warm contacts.

At the end of this campaign the IT business owner did convert a few leads into sales.

And to his surprise many of those new clients commented about the storyline emails.

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