Do Email Campaigns Generate Leads?

Do Email Campaigns Generate Leads?

Do Email Campaigns Generate Leads?

The short answer is, Yes!

The long answer is, depends on your formula.

Here’s what I mean.

You need a persuasive subject line, email copy that converts, a CTA, and a scrubbed list.

What Is A Persuasive Subject Line?

A persuasive subject line grabs your recipients attention.

Their interest is peaked and they open your email.

The most common persuasive subject lines are open-ended questions.

Example: Do You Make These Mistakes In English?

What Is Email Copy That Converts?

When a recipient opens your email, reads the message, clicks the internal link, that’s a conversion.

There are different types of email content formats you can use to convert your reader.

If you are cold emailing your email format is short and gets to the point.

For warm emails your copy format can be short, long, personal, or use a storyline message.

What Is A CTA?

A CTA is short for Call To Action.

The CTA follows a message.

A Call To Action can be an internal link, button, or image.

Examples: Learn More, Click Here, Contact Us.

What Is A Scrubbed List?

To send compliant emails one must use a scrubbed list.

By scrubbing your list you are looking for data that does and does not match.

To do that you must compare two or more encrypted email lists.

Following this process keeps your organization CAN-SPAM compliant.

What Lead Generation or Sales Content Do You Need?

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