Are Flyers Still Used To Promote Business?

Are Flyers Still Used To Promote Business?

Are Written Flyers Still Used To Promote Business?

With more website and email advertisements displayed across our screens.

One might conclude that written flyers promoting business seems old and outdated.

However, it is that old-school methodical process of targeting prospects, that to this day.

Still ends up in our mailboxes, hung on our doors, and taped to telephone poles and walls.

But Does Written Flyers Still Attract Business?

For service businesses targeting local residence, flyers continue to generate leads and sales.

The business owner with a little creativity has several inexpensive options they can use.

  • Go Door-To-Door and distribute flyers
  • Mail the flyers using the EDDM program
  • Insert into a Chamber of Commerce newsletter
  • Place on vehicle windshields in a parking lot
  • Stand on a corner and hand out to those passing by
  • Give to a customer at the end of a transaction

These blanket distribution strategies, though slower, still continue to attract new business.

But the odd thing, no one can explain why they still continue to work, only that they do.

Before Writing Your Business Flyer, Remember…

When creating your business flyer content, there are several points to remember.

  • You need a catchy headline
  • Keep the content short
  • Use bullet points
  • Add a call to action
  • Include contact details
  • Show your website url
  • And the content must be easy to read

These areas are incredibly important because prospects will read and decide.

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