About TPG

An April Fool’s joke of the worst kind. A homemade 6×9 flyer.

In 1993 the journey began for Woodrow.

On April 1st, he was let go from a dream job, by no fault of his own.

The investor was selling the business and our hero?

Collateral damage. Discarded. Removed.

What would he tell his pregnant wife?

That night, there was silence and tears around the dinner table.

From the ashes, he rose determined to find a way.

Our champion discovered he had a hidden talent buried within.

He could persuade others to buy from his written words.

That first 6×9 flyer he carefully crafted would catapult him forward.

Looking back. That low point opened the door to an adventure.

Now, 51 industries later, the mission continues, and the legend lives on.

Come along. Take part. Your journey is not over. It’s just beginning!

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