9 Stats Mobile Marketing Is Crushing It

9 Stats Mobile Marketing Is Crushing It

Today, more than ever before, mobile marketing has become the best way to reach consumers fast because users carry their mobile devices everywhere. These electronic devices never leave their side. Because of that, unprecedented access to potential customers is why mobile marketing is crushing it.

What Are The 9 Stats Mobile Marketing Crushes It?

1. Users Carry Their Phones Everywhere

Whether your customer or client is at work, commuting, watching TV, shopping, or just hanging out, you can expect them to have their smartphone on and in their hand. Because of this dependence, you can reach out to them virtually 24 hours a day. That offers you unlimited access to your target audience whenever they’re ready to buy.

2. It Works Fast

When a person gets an SMS or text message, they open it within seconds. Think about that for a minute. As you start to focus your efforts on mobile marketing, your audience responds immediately. With quick access and sending the right message, you effortlessly get buyer responses. As a result, your marketing will see massive traffic and sales.

3. Personal and Direct Communication

Don’t miss this point. It’s more direct and personal since you’re interacting one-on-one with your audience by implementing mobile marketing. You can text customers or send messages within that app. That means your information has a personalized touch for your target audience, all from using mobile marketing.

4. Response Rate Is Higher Than Traditional Media

For different forms of advertising, the average response rate ranks between 1 and 3 percent. Still, with SMS, the response rate is higher, as much as 15 percent. That is a fantastic response rate. Those potential customers that are easier to reach from their mobile devices will increase your response rate.

5. Great for Location-Focused Campaigns

A huge benefit with any mobile device, it’s aware of your location due to GPS. Consider the usefulness of that feature. Let’s assume your target audience is located in your city and nowhere else. If you’ve set up your ads correctly, those local buyers will get your message, making it easier for them to come to you and buy.

6. It’s Cost-Effective

As of this writing, mobile marketing is less expensive than traditional advertising. It doesn’t matter if the ads are online or offline. When using mobile marketing, your advertising savings can range from 20%-50% over other online marketing forms and continue to outperform traditional TV, Radio, or newspaper ads.

7. More Customer-Centric Data Available

One of the most interesting advantages of mobile marketing, you can gather individual metrics per user instantly. Then, when each response comes in, you can immediately add that data to your files. You cannot do that when using other forms of marketing – especially traditional TV, radio, or newspaper ads.

8. Easy Opt-In Marketing That Works

When customers can save money, it’s easier for them to opt in to get coupons, discounts, and cash savings. That’s why your offers must be personalized. By studying the metrics of your potential buyer, you can narrow down the type of information you give your audience, which makes opting in easier.

9. Increases Brand Loyalty

Mobile marketing gives you a unique way to serve your customers anytime, anyplace, 24 hours a day. That allows you to send personalized messages, offer them coupons and discounts, or ask them if they wouldn’t mind providing a review about their experience with your company.

What’s Holding You Back From Using Mobile Marketing?

If you’re holding back from using mobile marketing-focused campaigns, it’s time to reconsider. Today, 93% of your potential buyers use mobile devices. Furthermore, those handheld smartphones and tablets are used to make more purchases than desktop computers. So remember, mobile marketing is a game-changer for your business.

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