8 Tips On How To Create Visually Attractive Store Displays

8 Tips on How to Create Visually Attractive Store Displays

If you have a brick-and-mortar location, people will “judge a book by its cover” – or in this case, a business by its window display and in-store displays. Rotating your display often can make all the difference between people coming in to browse or just passing you by for now.

So what makes a successful store display? It depends on what you are selling, of course, but you can follow a few simple rules of thumb.

1. Rotate the Window Display Regularly

Please make sure you change it regularly to show what is new in the store. Also, reflect the passing seasons, holidays, exciting themes, color schemes, and more.

2. Make the Displays Easy to Use

Whatever you are selling, aim to make the displays easy to use for your customers and yourselves. For example, if you own a bookstore, don’t cram the books on the shelf to the point where they can’t take them out or put them back without damaging them.

Don’t lock everything behind glass if you’ll need a key to show customers every item you have in stock. Please include a sample and have everything else boxed up for them to take with them. Just be sure the boxes are clearly labeled.

3. Manage the Displays Sensibly

Again, it depends on what you are selling. For example, be careful with breakables. Use deep enough shelving to make it unlikely that people will knock things off with their elbow or bag as they walk past the display.

4. Group Like with Like

Group items together in a way that makes sense for what you are selling. For example, Non-fiction books are grouped by topic, and fiction books are grouped by genres, such as mystery and horror. If you have a women’s clothing store, group together blouses, sweaters, t-shirts, pants, and so on.

5. Help Them Picture What Life Would Be Like with Your Product/s

There’s a reason why furniture appliances and housewares stores group items together into living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and so on. It’s to help you picture what life would be like once you purchased the items.

It can also help you sell more. A person might go in for a new coffee table but come away with the table plus two matching end tables.

6. Include Only Items You Sell in the Store

It can be great to add little touches here and there to liven up the window display/s, but these eye-catching items can be a source of frustration if customers come in asking to buy them.

7. Use Effective Lighting

There’s nothing worse than a dark store or murky-looking display. Use lighting to call attention to the main parts of the collection. Use the brightest bulbs if your window isn’t large compared to the standard store window you would see on Main Street.

8. Be Security Conscious but Not Extreme

Every store is at risk from thieves who might smash and grab, so security is essential. However, you still want people to be able to see what you have on display, so roller gates, for example, would be too much. Choose a style and color (such as silver) that complements your storefront and lightens things up without looking like Fort Knox or a dungeon.

Use these tips to tempt passers-by into your store.

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