10 Text Message Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

10 Text Message Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

If it’s not your dentist, it’s your bank or some other business sending you text messages as a reminder. That form of personalized marketing can be rather lucrative when targeting the right audience.

However, there are ten text message marketing dos and don’ts that you should know about before starting. If they sound familiar, they are worth repeating.

What Are The Text Message Marketing Dos?

1. Do Remember To Use A CTA

You know it must be applied to all your marketing messages. But for some reason, it’s a common problem that gets overlooked in mobile ads. Marketers forget to include a CTA. Even worse, they add one that is so weak that it’s not followed. If you want to get any conversions from your ads, you must craft a solid call to action that speaks directly to your audience.

2. Do Grab Their Attention Right Away

Suppose you want potential buyers to click your advertisement or follow your CTA. You must hook your audience right away. Whether it’s the image used to the color scheme, it could be anything that grabs their attention, pointing them to your CTA. Use your imagination to hook them in.

3. Do Keep It Short and Simple

Mobile ads are best kept short and simple with one message only. Trying to have multiple messages and CTAs on a mobile ad will confuse people. Remember, it’s not necessary to tell them everything about you. You only need to get them to convert to your list, where you can share more details with them.

4. Do Remember Branding

A colossal mistake often made when it comes to mobile ads is that business owners forget to let the viewer know who they are. The easiest way to get it right is to ensure that the correct branding is used to precisely know who delivered the advertisement without even clicking through to the offer.

5. Do Check Your Timing

Every audience has the best time they don’t mind receiving your ad messages. Your audience has theirs. You can look at the stats on the platform you’re using to uncover when your audience responds the most. Then test that specific time and tweak it to improve the timing of your delivery.

What Are The Text Message Marketing Don’ts?

6. Don’t Forget the Long Term

Many people expect immediate results from mobile ads, but the truth is that it takes time. It takes tweaking. It takes study. When you start using that form of advertising and marketing, it’s important to remember. You need to be in it for the long game rather than for instant results, because it’s unlikely to happen overnight.

7. Don’t Include Too Much Info

You don’t want to over-inform anyone with a small advertisement. It will get too confusing. As mentioned earlier, focus on one message at a time for each ad. Also, direct it to a different segment of your audience based on the customer’s buying journey.

8. Don’t Use Text Speak

Avoid using shortened words and jargon in your messages. Instead, write all messages precisely as you would when speaking. Avoid trying to save space by making up awkward words that may not make sense to your audience. Talk to your audience as though they were standing in front of you.

9. Don’t Send Too Many Messages

Don’t overburden your audience with too many messages. That’s how they unsubscribe or report your messages as spam. But, on the other hand, when you craft your mobile messages, be direct, and deliver them at the right time.

10. Don’t Use Trickery

Using misleading language to trick your audience into clicking your advertisements may initially get clicks. But more than likely, you won’t get many conversions. Plus, you can’t keep tricking people forever. They will catch on eventually.

Let’s Recap

Getting your text message marketing campaigns off the ground and performing well requires some upfront knowledge and research. You must remember to grab their attention and let them know who you are.

It would be best if you kept it short and straightforward without forgetting your call to action. All the while, you’ll also need to put your audience first and make them feel like VIPs, even when they’re looking at an advertisement.

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