My Back and Arms Don’t Hurt Using this Black & Decker Cordless Trimmer

My Back and Arms Don’t Hurt Using this Black & Decker Cordless Trimmer

When mowing my tiny yard, I don't need a pull cord mower, only a standard corded weed eater.

However, the problem I kept having, using this type of equipment is the swaying back and forth motion, with my arms and the twisting of my waist, not to mention having to pull a long extension cord across the yard.

Every couple of minutes, I had to stop and sit down to rest from that activity that made me exhausted. Using this type of equipment took a toll on my lower back.

You wouldn't think the swaying back and forth motion, or the waist twisting would put undue stress on my lower back. But it did.

As a result, by the next day, my arms, from the wrist up to my shoulder, would be incredibly sore, not to mention the shooting pains in my lower back were unbearable.

Anyone with lower back problems or doesn't have much strength in their arms, like me, knows how hard it is to do yard work when you're in a lot of pain.

That's when I got online

I didn't know what to look for at first, but I had to find something to make lawn cutting easier. Then I came across this unique looking Black & Decker cordless 3-1 trimmer with a deck, on Amazon, which ultimately would save my back and arms from aching the next day.

After reading the mixed reviews about this equipment, and there were many negative comments, I still wanted to get one and try it out for myself.

Once I started using the deck feature on the Black & Decker trimmer, I didn't have to sway back and forth any longer. I could walk in a straight line like you do when using a mower. That was a massive time-saver for me.

By the next day, I didn't have any aches or pains in my arms or lower back. I also realized I didn't have to stop to rest my back as I did before.

Now that I don't get aches or pains when mowing, it feels like I'm strolling as I cut my grass, making it a breeze when trimming.

I will admit not all yards are flat like mine, so I can see how a yard with moles, that create dirt mounds this 3-1 trimmer might not work as smoothly as it does for me. However, it is a product to consider, and I would highly recommend it.

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